PKR Table Screenshot

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This is just one of the infinite camera angles you’ll find at PKR Poker. In this screenshot, we were using the ‘Dynamic’ camera angle. The Dynamic camera view moves around the table as it becomes a players turn. This is a picture of my avatar, and you can see my pocket queens on the left. Players take a peek at their cards when they’re dealt to them, then go back down like on a live table. At any time if you want to look back at them, there is a ‘Look at Cards’ button to flip them back up. This gives the game a more realistic feel, and actually provides tells that you cannot find at other online poker rooms.

For example, when the board has 3 hearts on it, players that look back at their cards are likely to have one heart in their hand, and they’re looking back to see if that’s correct. When players have two hearts in the hole they tend to remember that easier, giving them less reason to look back at their cards. So, in the proper camera angle you can see which players look back at their cards and those that don’t. If someone doesn’t look back but comes in for a bet or raise, they’re more likely to already have the flush than someone who looked at them again. Cool eh?

After you download PKR Poker you can fiddle with the camera angles and see what you like. There are also a number of other options at the table, including the ability to say different things to your table competitors. PKR is offering a great $800 deposit bonus for players. If you want cashback bonuses you may have to look elsewhere, like Pokerstars. Check out this site for more details on the Pokerstars bonus and Pokerstars bonus code.

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