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As of January 1st, 2010 there is only ONE bonus available at PKR Poker. PKR got rid of the two smaller bonuses they offered in 2009, and kept the biggest one. The 2010 bonus is 100% up to $800 and to get the bonus tracked to your account you must follow these simple instructions. If you don’t use the current 2010 bonus code you will not get a bonus tracked to your account.

1/ Write down 2010 PKR bonus code PK800 (not case sensitive)

2/ Use this link to Download PKR Poker.

3/ Follow the download instructions and enter the bonus code when requested during the registration & deposit process.

That’s it, you’re now eligible for the 2010 PKR download bonus! For important information on clearing the PKR download bonus, scroll down this page.

Note: PKR is not one of the us poker sites. If you are in the US, we recommend Players Only Poker, Casino & Sportsbook or Pokerstars. Or if you want to play slots, you can check out this site's page on online casinos for us players.

PKR Poker Download Process & Software

Enlarge PKR ScreenshotIf you haven’t seen PKR Poker before, you’re in for something really cool. PKR is a 3D poker site that is completely different from any other room. Think PS3, not Pokerstars.

Most high-speed internet connections will require 10-15 minutes for the full PKR download process. However, what you’ll experience at PKR is unlike any other online poker room in the world.

Download PKR Poker Now

PKR Poker Camera Angles

PKR Poker is the first (and only) real 3D poker site online. After you download the software and choose your avatar, the first thing you’ll want to play with is the camera angle. You can literally give yourself any view of the table you like. You can be looking down on the table, see it from first-person perspective like you would at a live table, or set it to ‘Dynamic’ where it puts the camera in your eyeballs and naturally moves the camera to different players as it becomes their turn to act. You can also place it in a stationary spot, anywhere you like.

PKR Avatar Options

I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s back up a bit. The first thing you’ll do after you download the PKR software is customize your avatar. You can choose from an almost infinite number of avatar options, beginning with the sex of your avatar. Choose whether you want a male or female avatar and how you want their physical build to look. Like a lean, hard body? You can do that. Want a big fat player avatar? You can do that too.

The next thing you’ll do is to choose your avatars voice. You can give your avatar a sexy, sultry voice, or a gruff, manly voice – whatever you like. During the game you can say a number of predetermined phrases like ‘loser’, ‘nice hand’, and a few dozen other things. You’re player will also talk when they fold, call or raise. This greatly contributes to the realistic feel of the game.

Even facial features such as skin color, placement of the eyebrows, size of the cheekbones, and shape of the chin can be customized. Once you’ve picked your nose (I couldn’t resist) you’ll select from dozens of hair styles and colors. After that you will choose the clothing you’d like your avatar to wear.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, hats, and even pieces of jewelry to choose from. The list of PKR avatar options is almost endless. As you play more poker, clothing options will open up just like in a video game. Want a really low-cut top or a tattoo on your left arm? Play some more and you’ll be able to get them.

Play at PKR Poker

PKR Download Bonus for New Players

PKR Points are awarded to players when they play in real money tournaments and cash games. Players earn PKR Points very fast.

You’ll get 100 PKR Points for every $1 paid in tournament fees. So, if you play in a $20+2 tournament, you’ll earn 200 PKR Points. Since 225 PKR Points are required per $1 in bonus, this equates to a 44.4% return, the highest return I’m aware of. The next best tournament bonus return I’ve seen is 42% (Full Tilt, Players Only & other Cake Network sites), so this is fantastic for tournament players.

In ring games, 1 point is awarded for every penny raked, then divided based on the amount each player contributes to the pot. Up to 300 points can be awarded in a single hand. Here’s an example of how to calculate your points earned:

Example: $20 pot = $1 rake = 100 PKR Points.

If you contributed $5 to the pot, that equates to 25% of the pot. You’ll get 25% of the points available, which is 25 PKR Points.

If you contributed $10 to the pot (half of the total pot), you’ll earn half of the points, which is 50 PKR Points.

Pot amount x’s 5% rake divided by the % of the pot you contributed. If you typically prefer $1/2 NL Hold’em, you can assume an average pot size of about $25. This would rake $1.25 which equals 125 PKR Points. At a full, 9 player $1/2 NL table an average players will earn about 11% of the points per hand, or 13.75 PKR Points per hand. The higher the stakes, the more PKR Points you earn. You can also earn a decent sized bonus at one of the paypal poker sites, like Party Poker, 888 and more.

When you make your first deposit you need to keep one thing in mind. The PKR download bonus is all-or-nothing based on your first deposit. What this means is that you need to clear your entire bonus amount in order to get any of it. So, if you think you can clear the entire $800, go ahead and deposit $800 or more. However, if you think you can only clear $200 of it, make your first deposit $200. You can always make more deposits later, and any points you earn within 60 days will go towards your bonus. But, if you only earn $150 worth of points, you’ll miss the bonus entirely. So, make that first deposit wisely. Download & Deposit Now

To help you determine the amount of bonus you can realistically earn, consider the clearing requirements listed below:

- First deposit must be a minimum of $10.
- Players have 60 days to earn their bonus.
- 225 points are required per $1 in bonus. Here are some breakdowns:

$10 Bonus = 2250 PKR Points: At $1/2 NL Hold’em – Approx. 163 total hands.
$25 Bonus = 5625 PKR Points: At $1/2 NL Hold’em – Approx. 409 total hands.
$50 Bonus = 11,250 PKR Points: At $1/2 NL Hold’em – Approx. 818 total hands.
$100 Bonus = 22,500 PKR Points: At $1/2 NL Hold’em – Approx. 1636 total hands.
$200 Bonus = 45,000 PKR Points: At $1/2 NL Hold’em – Approx. 3272 total hands.
$300 Bonus = 67,500 PKR Points: At $1/2 NL Hold’em – Approx. 4908 total hands.
$400 Bonus = 90,000 PKR Points: At $2/4 NL Hold’em – Approx. 3272 total hands.
$500 Bonus = 112,500 PKR Points: At $2/4 NL Hold’em – Approx. 4090 total hands.
$600 Bonus = 135,000 PKR Points: At $2/4 NL Hold’em – Approx. 4909 total hands.
$700 Bonus = 157,500 PKR Points: At $2/4 NL Hold’em – Approx. 5727 total hands.
$800 Bonus = 180,000 PKR Points: At $2/4 NL Hold’em – Approx. 6545 total hands.

To get the $800 bonus, use this THIS LINK and bonus code PK800 when you sign up & make your first deposit.

PKR Mac Download

Yes, PKR Poker is available for Mac players. To get the PKR Mac download, your computer needs to meet the following criteria:

* Any Intel processor except PowerPC.

* Leopard (Mac OS X v10.5.7) or Snow Leopard (Mac OS X v10.6) Operating systems.

* 1024 MB RAM

* Graphics card with 32mb or more RAM. Intel gma 950 card is not supported.

* 1.5 GB or bigger hard drive.

* Internet Connection: Broadband or other high speed.

* Other: Safari 4, Firefox 3 or similar browser.

Download PKR for Mac